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Service and Product Delivery Fees:

Range from the Store

Service Fee

Delivery Fee

Minimum Purchase Amount to waive Delivery Fee*

0 – 20 miles




21 – 45 miles




46 – 65 miles




66 – 85 miles




86+ miles




* The minimum purchase amount does not include sales tax.

Maintenance and Repair: Our experienced repair team would be happy to diagnose and repair your medical mobility equipment, as well as provide helpful tips on how to take proper care of your equipment. Please note that for more extensive repairs, your equipment may need to be left at the store and we will contact you when we have the problem diagnosed (usually 24-48 hours). For any questions about our medical equipment repair services, please contact us. Also, please be aware that all diagnostics and repairs must be scheduled by calling the store during business hours.

Loaner Policy: You may request the use a Loaner for the duration of the repairs to your equipment, dependent upon availability. There will be a one-time fee added to your bill. Please call our store or email us for any questions regarding the specifics of our loaner policy and it’s standards.

Type of Equipment


Power Wheelchair/ Scooter


Manual Wheelchair/ Walking Aids


Our 3 Tier Service Plan: We offer a comprehensive cleaning and preventative maintenance service for your Power Wheelchair or Scooter.

Bronze plan $59.95 BASIC SERVICE includes

*Clean all connections with contact cleaner

*Remove foreign materials from axles and lubricate

*Tighten all nuts/bolts in armrests, controllers, & tillers

Silver plan $79.95 BASIC CLEANING & BASIC SERVICE includes

*Bronze Plan

*Clean and disinfect exterior surfaces from the floorboard/shrouds up

*Clean tires and remove unwanted debris from tread

*Clean/vacuum floor mats/footplates

Gold Plan $99.95 Detailing & Basic Cleaning & Basic Service includes

*Bronze Plan

*Silver Plan

*Steam clean upholstery

*Steam clean wheels/hubcaps

*Steam clean floor mats/footplates

*Steam clean underside of scooter/pwc

*Clean electronic housings/casings

We also

provide these other fine services:

In Home Service, Product Installations, Medical Mobility Detailing/Customization, and Product Research.

Please contact us for inquiries about any of these services or for any questions, concerns, or requests. We look forward to hearing from you.

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